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M- Marketing/A-Advertisement/ T-Trade/ H-Hype/ E-Event/ L-Label/ S-Sales
…Your Modus Operandi in Business

Mathels is a registered corporate firm with the sole aim of providing public relation services for corporate businesses. Mathels has in its fold a group of highly motivated, experienced and dedicated team in providing timely, efficient and effective services.
In achieving our clients goals we employ an interactive process in researching, planning and designing each project. This process has ensured the achievement of those little things that matter to our clients.
Our services are designed to support your business interests in the growing global market. Mathels offers a full series of professional services designed to provide the level of support and alignment most suitable for your business at this time, and within your current business objectives in the global market. We serve our client through our services in the following deliverables:

  3. TRADE
  4. HYPE
  5. EVENT
  6. LABEL
  7. SALES

The business aims at addressing the many challenges faced by businesses in connecting their products and services to their anticipated customers. The business in offering public relation services to corporate businesses bridge the gap between businesses and the public.

1. We offers business owner a platform for conveying their product and services to their          anticipated customers.
2. We provides businesses with a professional online presence.
3. We enables fresh businesses to have a good start up drive.
4. We curbs the public relation challenges experienced by most businesses.
5. We improves and increase business productivity.

The business ideology and objective arises as a result of the needs of most corporate businesses for strong online and offline presence.
Our vision is to be the premier provider of the modus operandi for the success of any corporate business both online and offline.
To provide business solutions in line with international best practice.
Our services address the needs of both indigenous and foreign clients for either established or intending businesses. Our services include:


Our services deliverables are designed to support your business interests in the growing global market. Mathels provides a full series of professional services designed to provide the level of support and alignment most suitable for your business at this time, and within your current business objectives in the ever expanding global market. We serve our client through our research in the following deliverables:

Our offline marketing service is designed to maximize client understanding of the general conditions of the market in a certain industry or product niche. The Market Review service is best used to guide companies in exploring the global market, and confirming their business thinking in line with the market status. The market review scheme Provides insight into the following:
1. Business Review
I. Business Growth
II. Current Business Status:
2. Market Intelligence
I. Market Size (sales, number of companies, number of employees)
II. Market Growth
III. Geographic Concentration
3. Competitive analysis
I. Competitive environment
II. Direct and indirect competitors
III. Competitive advantages
4. Survey
I. Public feedback about your business concept

Mathels provides full support in managing the sales and marketing process of your business by planning and executing the:
I. Marketing strategies
II. Sales and distribution management
III. Trade show selection, preparation and participation

Mathels advertise your product/services both online and offline. Our webpage is used to advertise your products and services to the millions of people accessing the internet today while our offline advert utilize Mathels magazine and billboards to convey your products/ services to your anticipated customers.

This deliverable offers service which enables clients to trade their products and services. This service deliverable is concerned with tradeshows, exhibitions and other trade activities. In carrying out this service, we organize or select, prepare and guide clients in participating in trade activities.

This deliverable offers promotional service to our clients products and services. Hype service, through media and publicity medium, promotes our clients products and services to its potential customers.

We plan or manage organized event. This concept development service deliverable helps to actualize an organizers aim for an event. We manage/develop an event or concept partly/fully or as stipulated by the organizer.

Label offers branding service to products/services. This deliverable brands a product for standard and excellence.

Whether your goal is to generate direct sales, build a team of sales agents to represent you, identify new distributor partners or establish an office to enhance your position and focus locally. Mathels provide these abilities as well as significant or full management of the sales and distribution process of your business.
Mathels conducts personal interviews and delivers database to firms that want to identify with partners (investors, operators, distributors, etc.) by calling on an extensive network of industry and functional experts with the aim of finding the best partner for our client.
Sales is the primary objective of every business thus this service deliverable is linked to all other deliverables whether marketing, advertisement, trade, hype, event or label; each is aimed at promoting the sales.


We keep our promises and focus on achieving those little things that matter to our clients through fidelity and team work.

Our team work spirit, valuable services and result base strategies makes us the best option for every business.

We provide solution for businesses thus we are the standard.



  • We operate a nimble and professional organization that places premium on providing value-added services.
  • We focus solely on achieving targets that will improve your business.
  •  We are the committed, professional and reliable team you need for the realization of that business growth.
  • We are concern with human development, thus your success is our priority.



Mathel is a  social business website design with features to meet your business needs. Mathels enable business owners (vendors) launch their business online. As a business owner when you sign up on Mathels.com you automatically have a business store and business profile.



Business store is only accessible by vendors. It provides business owners (vendors) with store to showcase, sell and promote their business from their comfort zone.


  1. Dashboard: This feature provides a vendor with detail of
  2. Product: This Feature enable vendors to upload product, fix price, fix discount (if necessary), schedule discount, give product description.
  3. Order: This feature enable vendor see all order made.
  4. Coupon: This feature enable vendor create coupon for sales and promotional activity.
  5. Report: This feature provide vendor with sales report and general business statistics
  6. Review: This feature gives vendor update on general business review.
  7. Withdraw: This feature enables vendors to withdraw from their E-wallet to their bank account.
  8. Subscription: This feature enables vendors to choose and update their subscription plan.
  9. Setting: This feature enables vendors to set sub features for store, payment, shipping, social media synchronization and business SEO.



Business profile enable users to socialize with one another.


  1. Activity: This feature enable users to socialize, drop business update on their wall.
  2. Profile: this feature enable users to edit and change ‘Profile Image’ and ‘Cover Image’.
  3. Notification: This feature enable users get notifications and updates.
  4. Message: This feature enable direct communication among users.
  5. Location: This feature enable users to fix their location and be accessible.
  6. Following: This feature enable user to following other users and get update about their business.
  7. Follower: This feature enable user to build customer base and enable the customer get update on the user they are following.
  8. Setting: This feature enable user to setup more sub-features.
  9. Payment Verification: This feature enable who which to upgrade to charged services, give payment prove after payment.
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